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Seminar Event Details

An Extraordinary Day in the “Home Studio” of Alan Shapiro

There will be 4 presentation times throughout the day. Alan will speak on Flowers; Portraiture; Still Life and will end the day with some Post Processing tips.

Flowers: Alan will demonstrate shooting flowers on white
to practice composition, he will then switch to shooting on
a black background to explore light and shadow and see
the form differently and finally in environments to create
old world and modern compositions.

Portraiture: Working with people is where Alan began his photo journey. From street photography to studio portraiture, Alan loves finding people and seeing what he can get them to do. For most folks portraiture is intimidating. After watching Alan, you’ll want to try it for yourself.

Still Life and “Playful Life”: From flat lays to Renaissance-style still-life, Alan loves playing with objects in his home studio.
Alan will talk about point of view, styling and composition while creating some new works. Alan is a lifelong collector
of things whimsical, meaningful and occasionally plain odd. One of the great joys is having a few hours to experiment with theseobjects and see what emerges. Feel free to bring
a couple of special objects of your own for Alan to work with.

Post Processing: To the end of the day, Alan will share his complete post processing workflow in Adobe Lightroom (ACR) with trips to Photoshop as necessary. Alan will process several images in both colour and black and white while explaining all sorts of tips, tricks, and ways to do most anything with Adobe software. Alan has explored them all and can offer his best practices for whatever you are looking to accomplish. Time allowing he’ll share some of his renowned texture blending techniques in Photoshop.

There will be plenty of time for questions and answers so think about what you most need help with and either share them in advance or let us know the day of the workshop.

Alan is a high energy instructor known for his easy-going manner and ability to get people out of their comfort zones. For sure you will walk away inspired, with countless ideas and techniques to experiment with. For extra sure, you will leave smiling, energized and looking forward to taking pictures with a new perspective and new ways of looking at things.